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le petit bar


Wine Cheese Charcuterie


We love wine made from underappreciated/little known grape varieties and regions. We're always on the lookout for unusal wines with the goal of introducing our customers to something new on every list we design. You may not recognize the wines on our list, but we're here to help!

We love talking about wine and will help you discover a new favourite.


Our wine list changes seasonally and depending on availability.

We do our best to keep this page updated but please keep in mind it's possible the wines you see listed here may not be available the night you visit us.



2017 Laurent Miquel "Vendages Nocturnes" Blanc, Pays d'Oc, France

Glass: 9; Bottle: 36

Vincent Caille "Je t'aime mais J'ai soif", Loire, France

Glass: 12; Bottle: 48

2018 Vigneti Zanatta "Renardoro", Vermentino di Gallura, Sardinia

Glass: 12; Bottle: 48

2018 Menade Verdejo, Rueda, Spain

Glass: 12; Bottle: 48

2017 Dr. Burklin Wolf Weissburgunder Troken, Pfalz, Germany

Glass 14; Bottle: 56


2017 Raimat Rosada, Costers del Segre, Spain

Glass: 10; Bottle: 40

2018 Baudry Dutour "Cuvee Marie Justine", Chinon, Loire

Glass: 11; Bottle: 44


2017 Laurent Miquel "Vendages Nocturnes" Rouge, Pays d'Oc, France

Glass: 9; Bottle: 36

2015 La Quercia Montelpulciano d'Abruzzo, Italy

Glass: 11; Bottle: 44

2017 Bachelder "Parfum de Niagara" Pinot Noir, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario

Glass: 12; Bottle: 48

2017 Chateau les Croisille "Croizillon", Cahors, France

Glass: 12; Bottle: 48

2018 Fattoria di Sammontana "Albrese", Toscano Rosso, Italy

Glass: 12; Bottle: 48

2012 Mitchell Sevenhill Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, Clare Valley, Australia

Glass: 16; Bottle: 64


Nua Brut, Veneto Italy

Glass: 9; Bottle: 36

2018 Fattoria Sardi Pet-Nat Rose, Toscano, Italy

Bottle: 60

Domaine Baud Pere et Fils Brut, Cremant du Jura, France

Bottle: 56

2018 Trail Estate Pet Nat Red, Ontario

Bottle: 68


The other drink. A small list of mostly Canadian brews 


Draught: Steam Whistle Pilsner, Toronto, Ontario

Small: 5; Large: 7


Muskoka Brewery Detour, Ontario  5.95

Special Pale Ale, Wellington Brewery, Ontario  7

The Collingwood Brewery 3-Point Saison, Ontario  7.25

Smithavens Brewing Company Hefeweizen, Ontario  7.95

Tawse Craft Cider, Niagara, Ontario  7.95