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Our cocktail program is always evolving. We take our cues from classic cocktail recipes incorporating fresh juices, house-made syrups & bitters, fresh herbs, fruit and premium spirits.

Our cocktail list changes seasonally and depending on availability.

We do our best to keep this page updated but please keep in mind it's possible the cocktail you see listed here may not be available the night you visit us.


The Classics 

2 oz  11.00

Favourites made with premium spirits and house-made bitters. Boozy tipples best for sipping.

Old Fashioned - sugar, orange bitters, Small Batch Bourbon

 Manhattan - rye, sweet vermouth, original bitters

 Dark & Stormy - aged rum, lime, cola bitters, ginger beer

Saint-Germain Seventy-Five 2 oz - London Dry gin, Saint-Germain elderflower, fresh lemon, LPB lemon bitters, Prosecco float, straight up.  11

The Saint-Germain Cocktail 5 oz - Saint-Germain elderflower, Prosecco, soda, served in a traditional carafe.  13.75


Unique cocktails crafted by us and twists on old classics  2 oz  11.00:

Apple Blossom - Irish whiskey, St Germain Elderflower, apple syrup, fresh lemon, on ice

Charade - bourbon, Averna, Cocchi Storico, on  ice

Buddy Picture - Tequila reposado, Lustau Amontillado, Canton Ginger, honey syrup, fresh lemon

Ginger Pear Gin Fizz - Gin, Canton Ginger, pear syrup, fresh lemon, egg white, soda, on ice

If You Say So - Chartreuse Vert, Tia Maria, cocoa infused vodka, egg white

Bitterborough - Tequila reposado, Campari, Averna, Cointreau, on ice

Spiced Rum Toddy - Kracken, Cocchi Storico, honey syrup, fresh lemon, cardamom bitters, on ice



Classic "Champagne" Cocktail - Sugar cube, LPB original bitters, Prosecco

Lillet "Champagne" Cocktail - Sugar cube, LPB orange bitters, Lillet Blanc, Prosecco

Kir Royale - Cassis, Prosecco


Rosemary Spritzer - soda, fresh lemon, fresh orange, honey syrup, rosemary

Faux Sho - Apple cider, Brio soda, club soda

NoMo FauxMo - pear syrup, fresh lemon, egg white, soda

Seedlip Flip - Seedlip Garden 108, honey syrup, fresh lemon, apple cider, egg white

Grove is in the Heart - Seedlip Grove 42, fruit syrup, fresh lemon, soda

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