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le petit bar


Wine Cheese Charcuterie

- MENU -

We change our menu with some frequency; some items listed here may not be available when you visit. We do our best to keep this list up to date
Food / Bar Snacks. Best shared. 

LPB Olives  6

marinated in citrus, garlic and herbs

House-cut Potato Chips & Dip  6

roasted shallot and chive aioli

Ajvar Dip  7

roasted eggplant, red pepper & chili dip, fresh bread


Duck Rillettes  8

roasted pear compote, sunflower seed pesto, fresh bread


Oeufs Mayonnaise  7

zaatar, smoked paprika & confit garlic deviled eggs

Tart Raclette  12

potato & Appenzeller filling, roasted savoy cabbage, radish, cornichons, ham


Caramel Creme Brulee  7

Boards - Charcuterie & Cheese

Served with pickles, olives, condiments and bread. Unless noted, all charcuterie is cured in house

Choose any four items  23

Choose any two items  13

choose from:

Duck Prosciutto 

Proscuitto  imported, ham

Hungarian Salami  imported, smoked

Brandy & Truffle Chicken Liver Pate 

Sucisson Sec  dried red wine & garlic pork sausage

House Fresh Sausage 

Filetto cayenne and coriander cured pork loin

Salmon Gravlax - house-cured

House Terrine

Bresaola  beef

Capri Ella  goat's milk semi-soft, Ontario

Bleu Ermite  Quebec

Thea  sheep's milk cheddar, Ontario

Appenzeller  thermalized cow's milk, hard, Switzerland

Mont St Jacob  cow's milk surfaced ripened semi-soft, Quebec

D'Affinois  cow's milk bloomy double cream, France