Cantina Barbera is located in the Menfi Coast on the west coast of Sicily. Winemaker Marilena Barbera is a third-generation farmer, working the land her grandfather planted in the 1920s. She tends native varietals, Inzolia, Perricone, Nero d’Avola, Nerello, Alicante and Grillo, in vineyards one mile from the Mediterranean Sea. Organically farmed, Barbera’s careful farming and natural winemaking pays the utmost respect to Menfi’s terroir. She works only with spontaneous fermentations and employs non-invasive winemaking practices to highlight the unique personality of Sicily’s grapes and farmland.


“Kalio” Perricone is floral and fruity with some liquorice and ginger notes. Smooth tannins and again that salty, mineral streak familiar in many of Sicily’s finer wines. “Kalio” is a Sicilian word used to describe the “buzzy noise of popcorn, the same noise that friends make when catching up at a party”. Sicily, Italy, 2019

Cantine Barbera Kalio Perricone