COZ's is a partnership between two Portuguese winemakers, Tiago Teles and Antonio Marques-da Cruz, who have become well known for groundbreaking wines of pure terroir. These two winemaking friends saved the vineyards at Quinta dos Cozinheiros after the vineyard's winemaker, and mentor and friend to Teles and Marques-da Cruz, died suddenly in a car accident. The vines were abondoned. Teles and Marques-da Cruz decided to take on the vineyards and COZ's (named after Cozinheiros) was born. 


Castelao grape fermented with native yeast and pressed to age in old, used Burgundy barrels for 11 months. Dark purple colour. Full bodied wine at 14.8%, but alcohol is very well integrated. Ripe currant and plum, fruit leather, eucalyptus and old wood. Portugal, 2019.

COZ's VM Castelao