Denavolo is the side project of famous natural wine maker Giulio Armani of La Stoppa, one of Northern Italy's great wine estates. With Denavolo, Guilio makes skin contact whites with minimal intervention winemaking and organic viticuture.


Dinavolino is a blend of indeginous varieties Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Ortugo, and an ancient unknown field variety, and Marsanne. The blend spends 2 months fermenting on skins and 11 months aging on lees before bottling. Sunshine in a glass. Orange peel and a savoury herbal note, stone fruit and toffee. A fine balance of tannin and acidity. Long finish. A fruity and floral young wine with good ageing potential. Perfect with so many foods and so many moods. Northern Italy, 2019.

Denavolo "Dinavolino" Vino Bianco