Hungarian volcanic wine from Canadian/Hungarian producer Robert Gilvesy. Cuveé Bohém is an organic blend of Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, and Hungarian varieties Olaszrizling (no relations to Riesling) and Furmint. The Gilvesy winery is located in Balaton Highlands, home to 6 million years old volcanoes, and indigenous and international varieties. The volcanic soil adds a freshness and mineral core to Gilvesy's wines. "This blend is light and fresh. On the nose, it's all about hints of mint, lemon and fresh cucumber, while on the palate is zesty, with tones with green apple and citrus fruit. It's delicious when paired with summer meals: fresh salads dressed with dried fruits such as cranberries and walnuts, grilled fish with boiled potatoes and zesty ceviches". Balaton, Hungary, 2017.

Gilvesy Cuvee Bohem

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