From organic Piedmontese innovator, Punset, comes this blend of Cortese, Arneis and Favorita - indigenous white grapes of Piedmont. Fermented and aged in concrete. "This wine is very floral and fruity: it has tones of banana, pear and apple. On the palate, it has a very pleasant acidity and a honey-ish aftertaste." Ne'? is popular Piedmontese slang, used to give a positive emphasis to a conversation. Lange, Piedmont, Italy, 2018

Punset Ne'?

  • Pre-order on-line or by e-mail to Pre-orders will be ready for pickup the next Marché business day, Wednesday through Saturday. All alcohol must be sold with food. A $1.50 bag of Miss Vickie's chips will be added to your order unless you specify otherwise.

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