Lammidia "Bianchetto", Italy

Cambridge Road "Cloudwalker" 2019 Skin Contact Pinot Gris & Riesling, New Zealand


Two exciting skin contact, aka orange wine, from small natural producers.


Lammidia is run by David Dear and Marco Guilliani, who work with just over 5ha of vines spread across different sites in Abruzzo, Italy. Their process is natural and of the earth - no pesticides or herbicides, using concrete and terracotta amphorae for whole bunch fermentation, spontaneous fermentation, no filtration or fining - these wines are raw and alive. The "mmidia" refers to the idea of the "evil eye" in Abruzzese dialect. Wise Abruzzese women employ ancient practices to rid "mmidia". The first time David and Marco made wine the fermentation would not start. They asked their grandmother to treat the "mmidia" and within a few minutes fermentation was unstoppable. Bianchetto is a lightly orange wine, made from local field grapes, allowed 12 hours on skins. It is an intensely cloudy wine - a result of no additives or filtering. Tropical fruit, funky and earthy, yet fresh, retaining a slight frizzante from lees in the bottle.


Cambridge Road Vineyard is a small family farmed estate focused on biodynamic and eco-farming principles, and small batch, raw, minimal intervention wines. Cloudwalker is a Pinot Gris and Riesling blend, 1/2 fermented with skins and seeds to build texture. Refreshingly pithy, aromas of dried mango, bergamot and tea with a touch of lemon zest. Textural weight and dry, crunchy acid, fresh and zippy tempered with a savoury tannic bitterness. A wild and untamed wine adventure.


Weird and Wonderful Skin Contact - Wine Bundle

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